Lighthouse was founded in 1994. It’s main purpose is to provide comfort, guidance and healing support to people who are in spiritual/emotional need.

Since it’s inception, Lighthouse has hosted a variety of ministries, including, prison ministry, visitation and home outreach to poor families in inner city settings, pastoral counseling for persons addicted, counseling for persons with chronic mental and emotional illness, twelve step recovery meetings of various kinds, hospitality and spiritual enrichment for those who are alone and without fellowship or community.

Lighthouse has also hosted a residential recovery program for persons in crisis. While this program existed, Lighthouse was involved in every facet of helping people heal and rebuild their lives: helping people find jobs, helping people learn how to budget, helping people to recover from trauma, addiction, and emotional illnesses, providing food to the destitute, helping mother’s and infants to find necessary succor and support.

At present, our ministries focus on holistic healing, including pastoral and spiritual counseling, and natural healing therapies.

We also have a growing ministry which includes writing of inspirational material for various periodicals and publications.