About Our Director

Lindy Morelli is a Roman Catholic lay woman from Scranton Pennsylvania. Under her local Bishop, she has lived in private vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience for the past twenty-four years, and her primary charism and ministry is as a Carmelite solitary, dedicated to solitude, silence and prayer.

Lindy received a Bachelor’s degree in theology in 1986 from Valley Forge Christian College , and a Masters in counseling in 1989 from Marywood University. She has been a spiritual director for several years, and received her training at Kairos School of Spiritual Formation, in Lancaster Pennsylvania. She has also received training and certifications in various healing modalities including Flower Essence Therapy, Healing Touch, Integrative Energy Therapy, and Aroma Therapy from various healing schools, including Universalis, New Millennium Essences, and others.

Lindy writes for Independent Gazette. Lindy is a skilled musician and offers musical accompaniment in churches, nursing homes, hospices, prisons, weddings etc. She plays the omnichord, lap harp, organ, piano, and flute. She would be happy to share her musical gifts with anyone who is in need of cheer or comfort.