Spiritual Direction/Guidance

A chance to sit quietly together as spiritual companions, to learn how to notice and to pray in a way which helps each person deepen his/her relationship with God or the Divine. In spiritual guidance sessions, which can be done via telephone, email, or
in person, encouragement and support are offered to the person who comes to help him/her to find uplift in his/her spiritual life and to expand his/her awareness of how God is working in his/her life.

Pastoral/Spiritual Counseling

Lindy receives counselees on a limited basis. She accepts persons who are highly motivated to find solutions, and strategies to help them solve difficult and painful problems in their lives. She helps people sort through grief, trauma, and transitions. She helps people to learn how to be compassionate toward themselves, and teaches people how to deal with deep emotional pain. She helps people to learn how to break old patterns that no longer work for them.

Musical Services

Lindy offers the ministry of music to church groups, weddings, retreats, funerals, nursing homes, hospices and hospitals, prisons, and in any other setting where gentle musical cheer would be appreciated.

Spiritual Retreats

As a trained and experienced spiritual director/guide, Lindy Morelli has hosted many retreats at Lighthouse. Groups come for a day retreat based on a certain theme. During group retreats, participants have the opportunity to quietly reflect on their lives and spiritual journey. They have an opportunity to grow in knowledge of themselves and in how God is speaking and moving in their lives. They enjoy uplifting conversation and fellowship
with other Christians.

Persons may come for individual retreats, for a weekend or a week. During this period of time, they live at Lighthouse, and spend time in quiet prayer, rest, meditation, and reflection around a certain theme and while receiving individual spiritual guidance/companionship sessions. Retreatants who have come in the past have found this experience to be life-changing, liberating, and fulfilling.

Flower Essence Therapy

Lindy has been trained and certified as a Bach Flower Essence Therapist, as well as being trained to use and prescribe some of the New Millennium Flower Essences originating in New Zealand. Flower essences are a natural way of helping people who are dealing with difficult emotions, and with painful and persistent emotional needs such as deep depression, trauma, indecision, grief, shock. Flower essences work deeply within the person to lift that person’s energy system and spirits to a higher realm and frequency. Flower essences are gentle, non-invasive modalities; they do not interact with other medications and are completely and entirely safe to use with all medications.

Healing Touch and Other Energy Healing Therapies

Healing Touch, Ri Kei, and Integrative Energy Therapies (as well as solfeggio energy work with tuning forks) are combined to help a person to relax, and to heal body, mind, and spirit on a deep level. When sharing these healing therapies with interested persons, prayer invoking the Father Son and Holy Spirit’s help, wisdom and Divine healing power, is part of the process.

Aroma Therapy and Essential Oils

These healing modalities are also offered in conjunction with the above mentioned healing therapies, so that the deepest healing may be achieved for each person who comes. Healing therapies are tailored to each person’s individual needs.

Trained Doula (servant) for the dying and their families

Trained and equipped to help the dying person and their families comprehend the beauty and truth that is within the dying process. Services provided to the dying and their families include sitting with the dying; providing musical soothing for the dying; providing natural remedies for the dying and their families in times of stress or duress such as Flower Essences, Therapeutic Touch, and Essential Oils, which can bring calming to the dying and their families; helping with necessary paper work; funeral arrangements; helping the family to deal with grief, before and after death; helping the dying person to assimilate his/her emotions and spiritual needs in preparation for death; helping the family and dying person to understand what is happening in the dying person’s body and psyche during the process of dying; cooking meals, cleaning for the family, and/or doing anything at all that will help the family and the dying person to make the transition period of dying in an easier more comforted fashion.