Support and Guidance for the Wrongfully Convicted and their Families

Lindy offers a new ministry called Lighting the Way, which is a safe place for the wrongfully convicted and their families to share their experiences and struggles. We welcome dialog and an exchange of encouragement, resources, and ideas. This page is a ministry of Lighthouse in Scranton, not a law firm or legal advocacy group, but we hope that the encouragement and support we offer here will be beneficial.

Spiritual Direction/Guidance

When people seek spiritual direction, they are seeking to havge a deeper relationship; with God.

All are welcomed into a loving, safe prayerful space, where the heart can encounter the love of God in a deeper way.

God bless you all as you hunger and thirst for the Living Water

Pastoral/Spiritual Counseling

Lindy receives counselees on a limited basis. She accepts persons who are highly motivated to find solutions, and strategies to help them solve difficult and painful problems in their lives. She helps people sort through grief, trauma, and transitions. She helps people to learn how to be compassionate toward themselves, and teaches people how to deal with deep emotional pain. She helps people to learn how to break old patterns that no longer work for them.

Musical Services

Lindy offers the ministry of music to church groups, weddings, retreats, funerals, nursing homes, hospices and hospitals, prisons, and in any other setting where gentle musical cheer would be appreciated.

Spiritual Retreats

As a trained and experienced spiritual director/guide, Lindy Morelli has hosted many retreats at Lighthouse. Groups come for a day retreat based on a certain theme. During group retreats, participants have the opportunity to quietly reflect on their lives and spiritual journey. They have an opportunity to grow in knowledge of themselves and in how God is speaking and moving in their lives. They enjoy uplifting conversation and fellowship with other Christians.

Persons may come for individual retreats, for a weekend or a week. During this period of time, they live at Lighthouse, and spend time in quiet prayer, rest, meditation, and reflection around a certain theme and while receiving individual spiritual guidance/companionship sessions. Retreatants who have come in the past have found this experience to be life-changing, liberating, and fulfilling.

online faith-based support group

Support Group

An Online Support Group for the Friends and Families of the Wrongly Convicted

This support group will take place weekly.


There will be offered two different time slots, depending  on what the needs of those who voice an interest in this group are: one during the week in the day time, and one on an evening, before eight pm. Eastern Standard Time.

The group will last for one hour.

We will openand close  with a song, or brief prayer, or poem, offered by one of our members, as each one feels comfortable.

Then a theme will be introduced by Lindy, or by another member, as time goes on and the group grows.

The themes could include:  (A.) How to get through anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, or any other significant day; or something like: (B.) how to deal with the overwhelm of the day-to-day rigors of supporting your wrongly convicted loved-one in prison. Etc. (These are just examples of topics)

Ground Rules for Group Sharing:

  1. Keep comments brief.
  2. Keep comments solution oriented, because the purpose of the group is to help yourself and others.
  3. Keep comments oriented to Christian values of love, kindness, and respect.