Lighthouse’s main purpose is to bring guidance, healing and support to the most needy, forgotten members of our society,. We have been able to do this through many avenues. Likewise, in working in prison ministry for the past thirty years, I have tried to help people with serious problems, people who need to make changes in their lives; to pay back restitution for crimes committed. Until recently, I never gave the issue, I am about to address, much thought. However, in the past two years, it has turned my life upside down!

In the spring of 2012, I was working on the manuscript of my autobiography. (The work is almost completed at present, with three more short sections to go.) Around that time, God sent me a wonderful friend, and he started helping me with the book. My friend’s name is Chris; he has written a book of his own, the story of his false conviction. Chris was wrongfully convicted of murder in the 1990’s. He spent six difficult years in prison, and finally was released, when the verdict in his case, at the Supreme Court level, was found invalid. Meeting and getting to know Chris has inspired me profoundly! His compassion and kindness are evident to all, and he is forgiving to all who have wronged him in life. Chris is living an exemplar life. His days are filled with faithfulness and love, in working humbly and showing great care to all.

Additionally, though this is hard for me to fathom (it’s caused me to step back, in asking why), within the past year, as well, I have become friends with another person in the same situation. Kevin, the co-founder of our newly budding community, is presently doing a life sentence for murder, but has been strongly advised and encouraged to pursue post conviction proceedings, since there are several key issues in his case that need to be corrected and addressed.

We place our hope completely in God, as to the outcome of these proceedings, the outcomes of which will affect our community and its expansion and growth. In any case, may it be strongly, and irrefutably known, that Kevin, our co-founder, though hindered by unjust prison walls, is living an extraordinary life! Words can’t express the genuineness he has. His strength and love are obvious to all. His example of gracious kindness to fellow prisoners and beyond has brought him respect and devotion wherever he goes. To be a serious Carmelite requires profound commitment, and Kevin has been living such a life of deep loving service for many years.

It is important that all people realize that wrongful convictions do indeed exist. We must do all we can to correct such injustice, and help innocent persons to be freed.